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Policy Based Modification of Environment

Goal is to be able to define modification of an environment by Congress policies prior deployment. This allows to add components (for example monitoring), change/set properties (for example to enforce given zone, flavors, ...) and relationships into environment, so modified environment is after that deployed.

Problem description

Currently it is possible to reject deployment of an environment if it does not follows set of so called pre-deployment policies set by admin. Administrator wants to also modify environment prior it is deployed:

  • add/set/remove component properties
  • add/remove relationships
  • add/remove objects

Example Use Case: Policy Based Monitoring

Admin wants to monitor an environment, so he wants to

  • install monitoring agent on each Instance
  • it is done by adding component with the agent and creating relationship between agent and Instance. It is done at pre-deploy time
  • register monitoring agent on Monitoring server
  • it is done by calling monitoring server API during deployment of monitoring agent.

Proposed change


  • Introduce new Congress policy rule predeploy_modify(eid,oid,modify-action-id,priority, [key-val]*)

    predeploy_modify policy rule is queried on all actions. Simulation Congress API is used like in case of predeploy_errors policy rule.

    If it returns non empty list of modifications for given environment, then

  • deploy action is temporarily paused, until all modifications are processed
  • if any of modification fails, then environment deploy fails
  • Pluggable modification actions Modification actions can be plug using setup entry_points.

    Out of box, there will be following modification actions

  • add_property( name=name, value=value)
  • remove_property( name=name)
  • set_property( name=name, value=value)
  • add_relationship( name=name, source=source-uuid, target=target-uuid)
  • remove_relationship( name=name, object=object-uuid)
  • add_object( type=type, owner=owner-uuid, owner-rel-name=name, [name=val]*)
  • remove_object( object=object-uuid)


Alternative can be usage of executes[] of Congress policy, which executes modify actions. In this approach

  • modify action has to be implemented as Congress datasource action
  • triggering of executes[] has to be solved
  • it is not possible to order modify action ordering
  • Murano session-id of REST API must be passed to Congress
  • actions can be executed only as asynchronous, so it is not possible to postpone deploy environment action until all modify actions are finished

Thus it is not alternative.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Versioning impact


Other end user impact

User (admin) can control modification by creating predeploy_modify Congress policy rules.

Deployer impact


Developer impact


Murano-dashboard / Horizon impact




Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • design API of modify actions
  • framework for pluggable modify actions - registering and managing available actions
  • implement out-of-box actions
  • add point to engine where congress called and returned action list is processed on given environment




We need to cover by unit tests: * framework for registering/managing modify actions * applying modify actions on environment * processing action list returned by congress

We need to create functional tests covering end-to-end scenario.

Documentation Impact

It is documented as part of policy guided fulfillment.