Support Berkshelf for Chef applications

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The goal of this specification is to make possible the use of Berkshelf ( to manage Chef cookbooks dependencies when Chef is used to configure a VM.

Problem description

Currently, Chef is one of the types supported in the Execution plan template. A Chef provider included in murano-agent gets the Chef cookbooks, generates the node specifications file and executes chef-solo to configure the VM.

When a cookbook depends on other cookbooks, every transitive dependency must be made available before executing Chef. That means that the dependencies metadata for each cookbook must be recursively inspected by the creator of the Murano package and added to the required files in the Execution plan template.

Example from murano-apps:

    Type: Chef
    Version: 1.0.0
    EntryPoint: git::default
        -  git:
        -  yum-epel:
        -  yum:
        -  dmg:
        -  openssl:
        -  chef-sugar:
        -  chef_handler:
        -  windows:
        -  build-essential:
      captureStdout: true
      captureStderr: true

This list of cookbooks is painful to maintain and error-prone. Furthermore, a Chef cookbook can require a specific version or a range of versions for its dependencies. Therefore, the master branch or a git repository does not contain necessarily the right version of the cookbook. Versions resolution for the whole dependency graph is not an easy task to execute manually. That is why using a tool dedicated to this task is useful.

Proposed change

It is proposed to add two new possible options to the Execution plan template. These options will be available only with the Chef executor (options are executor-dependent):

  • useBerkshelf (optional, default false)
  • berksfilePath (optional, used only if useBerkshelf = true)

If useBerkshelf is not set or set to false, the Chef executor will work as now.

If useBerkshelf is set to true, the Chef executor will expect Berkshelf to be present on the VM, and will use it to manage the cookbooks dependencies.

In that case, the Chef executor will use Berkshelf and the Berksfile found on berksfilePath to vendor the package and its dependencies. Dependency and version resolution is done by Berkshelf using the Berksfile. The Chef executor will then specify to chef-solo the location of the cookbooks.

If berksfilePath is not provided, its default value is <cookbookName>/Berksfile, where <cookbookName> is taken from the EntryPoint value. For example, if EntryPoint = example::default, default value for berksfilePath is example/Berksfile.

A Murano package creator wanting to use Chef with Berkshelf will have to provide a link to the URL of a repository containing the main cookbook.


|__ Classes
│   |__ Example.yaml
|__ logo.png
|__ manifest.yaml
|__ Resources
│   |__ DeployExample.template
|__ UI
|__ ui.yaml

With DeployExample.template:

FormatVersion: 2.1.0
Version: 1.0.0
Name: Deploy example

Body: |
  return executeRecipe(args).stdout

    Type: Chef
    Version: 1.0.0
    EntryPoint: example::default
        -  example:
      captureStdout: true
      captureStderr: true
      useBerkshelf: true

In that example, the berksfile is found on example/Berksfile, in the root directory of the git repository.


Librarian-Chef is another tool to manage cookbooks. But Berkshelf is better integrated in the Chef ecosystem than Librarian-Chef (Berkshelf is actually part of ChefDK). Furthermore, Librarian-Chef requires the creation of a Cheffile, whereas Berkshelf uses the Berksfile already included in every cookbook.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Versioning impact

Minor version of FormatVersion for the Execution plan template should be incremented (new feature, backwards-compatible). New FormatVersion should be 2.2.0.

Other end user impact


Deployer impact

Berkshelf need to be installed in the VMs to be configured.

Developer impact


Murano-dashboard / Horizon impact




Primary assignee:
o-lemasle (Olivier Lemasle <>)

Work Items

  1. Add Berkshelf support in murano-agent
  2. Create DIB elements to include Berkshelf in image
  3. Create an example application using Chef with Berkshelf




  • Unit tests on murano-agent
  • Functional tests: deploy an application with Chef template and Chef cookbooks dependencies in Murano integration tests (MuranoDeploymentTest)

Documentation Impact

Information about how to create Execution plan templates with Chef and Berkshelf will have to be documented.