Remove name field from fields and object model in dynamic UI

Now name is a required parameter in every single form definition. But murano-engine doesn’t know anything about this parameter. It mostly used for dymanic UI purposes. So we can insert this field automatically in every form.

Problem description

  • ‘name’ property has no built-in predefined meaning for MuranoPL classes or applications.

    Now all unknown parameters are ignored, but the error will be spawned and all applications will be invalid in the near future. To prevent global failure this change is suggested.

Proposed change

Add automatic field inserting into the first form and store ‘name’ field value in object header:

  • Dynamic UI version will be increased to 2.1;
  • ‘name’ property is not required in MuranoPL class definition anymore. If user still have ‘name’ property in class definition, he should supply corresponding field in UI definition. It will have no special meaning for murano dashboard.
  • New field will be inserted to the first form if Dymanic UI version is higher or equal to 2.1;
  • If Dymanic UI version is higher or equal to 2.1 ‘name’ field value will be placed to the object header (‘?’), in “done” method of application creation wizard;
  • In get-mode, application ‘name’ parameter will be checked in:
    • Primary under ‘?’ parameter;
    • Secondary in the object model root;
  • Add new YAQL function to dashboard’s YAQL to be used by dynamic UI. The function will be called ‘name’ and will allow to use automatically-inserted name field in object model description.



Data model impact


REST API impact


Versioning impact

This change introduces new version of dynamic UI form definition. Only backward compatibility will be supported: new dashboard can work with old engine.

Other end user impact


Deployer impact


Developer impact


Murano-dashboard / Horizon impact

This spec is supposed to be implemented in murano-dashboard only. User will see new field for adding app name.



Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • Implement automatic ‘name’ field insertion if version satisfies the requirements;
  • Put ‘name’ field value to the object header area;
  • Use ‘name’ attribute from object header or inside object modal root in environments table;
  • Implement new YAQL function, which returns applications name.


This change is a dependency for a future changes in engine


CI tests should be updated and catch all errors.

Documentation Impact

Dynamic UI form definition examples should be updated